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Setting up Recurring Payment Method with your TWC Account

Are you a subscriber of Time Warner Cable? If you regularly pay for your bills in direct transaction, you should know that it is less hassling to pay your bills online. You will save more time, energy and money. And when you finally settle on online payment method, make sure that you choose to pay your existing bill through Recurring Payments for it is much easier and smoother. You can save more time for yourself; for the activities that you need and want to do. Also, there is no chance for you to miss any payments because the system has set up your account for automatic payment.

In order to start with setting up your account, log on to TWC.com/MyServices and sign in with your TWC ID and password. A link may appear for first timers on using Time Warner Cable my services; this is a verification link. Click it in order to verify your account. The system will ask for the customer code, which is the four-digit number on your bill. Afterwards, press the button that says ‘Submit’. Do not be careless in handling your bills because the customer code is very important for online payment.

Once you got to My Services, click View and Pay My Bill to be redirected to Account Overview. You will see the Setup Recurring Payment option; click this to setup your online bill recurring payment. You will be provided with selections on the preferred method of payment; through debit card, credit card or electronic transfer. The last option refers to the process of fetching the money right away from your bank account.

If you choose electronic transfer, you will have to indicate the account type; it may be checking, savings account or any other type. Several fields should be filled up with the necessary information like the name of the account owner, the bank account number and the routing number. Please supply the details carefully and accurately to avoid hassles.

Payment through debit and credit card follow almost the same procedures. First off, you have to choose the type. You will be asked to supply necessary information for the payment like the person to whom the card is named, the card number and its expiry date.

After providing the needed details demanded by the system, press Continue (in all methods of payment). You will be directed to page which displays the information that you input on the fields. Double check them before finally proceeding. If all data supplied are correct, you may now check the box that indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions, then press Submit.

Confirmation email will be sent to your address right after submitting your details.


  1. Wayne Johnson says:

    I would like to set up an account for paying my bills on line.

  2. Charles Wall says:

    I would like recover my E-Mail. I have not been able to receive it for several days.

  3. Linda Keith says:

    I like to pay my bills on line but charging me 6.99 is too much a stamp is much cheaper, my bill is only 24.00 to begin with why such an expensive charge???

  4. susan idle says:

    i’m justing to set up the a account on the innest to fined out what my bill is for eash mos. thank you susan

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